Do you remember the song that was playing when you first laid eyes on your soul mate? How about the tunes that were blasting on the radio the first time you took the car out alone with your best buds? Or the first song you danced to at your senior prom? What about the music playing soft and low the night you had that first, magical kiss?

We do.

The late great Jim Henson once said “Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” We believe wholeheartedly in that statement, and we also believe your life has had it's own special soundtrack to go along with it. Maybe you've experienced that "Werewolves Of London" Tom Cruise moment beating your pals at pool, or commiserating with them to "Don't You Forget About Me" after serving detention ala the "Breakfast Club". Could have been as simple as hanging out at Starbucks with your girlfriends playfully "Troll"ing your boyfriends via Instagram when "Can't Stop The Feeling" came on, or maybe a truly heartfelt "Ghost"(ly) encounter with the one you love hearing "Unchained Melody" as you're snuggled up on the couch before a cozy fireplace in the cold Midwestern winter.

POP FICTION is here to help you relive all those wonderful memories by performing the songs that make up "The Soundtrack To Your Life"- all the hits that made you laugh, made you scream, forced you to jump up and dance and even put you "in the mood", along with so much more. Come on out and party with us and let your mind fondly wander back through all those wonderful times as you listen and dance to all those amazing tunes...  we guarantee you'll make even more fantastic memories when you join us for the celebration. 

POP FICTION is a themed entertainment experience. Playing the best in dance/pop/rock/ballads/R&B/standards and more from all decades, it's members are all accomplished, professional musicians and performers who have been in some of the hottest bands and productions to ever come out of the Midwest.

No "shoe-gazing" here, POP FICTION comes prepared to entertain with not only amazing musical ability but also with a visually engaging performance style and an "interactive" atmosphere guaranteed to keep the crowd captivated and partying all night long.